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The Family’s net worth – July 2018

Aug 9, 2018

Every month we track (and share!) the changes to our Net Worth. We do this to keep an eye on how we are doing financially, and to adjust course if needed.

How we did this month

I am happy to report that for the forth month in a row we are in the “double-comma” club, with our net worth well above £1 Million Pounds.

We closed July at £1,149,128. At today’s exchange rate, this means 1,290,347 EUR or 1,500,578 USD.

This is a massive £44,774 increase on the previous month, and it was due mainly to market movements in our portfolio – in particular superstar Burford Capital, one of my favourite holdings these days, which increased by almost 17k after announcing good results.


Brexit is still the main risk I see in front of us in the next few months. It has already wiped around 20% of value of our investments in Euro. In the past few months I have started positioning the portfolio so that many of the companies we invest in have international revenue and report in Euro or USD. However, I feel if the market crashed, it would probably drag down every companies.

How does 1 million plus feel?

“1 million” is an incredible milestone and it almost feels like a magic number to hit (unless you have it in Iraqi Dinars or Somali Shillings, that is). However, we don’t have a specific target we want to achieve before saying good-bye to the city and moving to the sea. It would obviously be nice to get to 1.5 million, maybe even to 2 million. But would I spend one more year trying to ammass that amount of money, instead of heading to Malaga and start our new chapter? No.

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