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The Family Escapes

Our journey towards early retirement


We are a family of four, documenting our transition from working full time to early retirement. We currently live in London, where we have been living for almost 15 years, working, earning, and enjoying the amazing city life. The birth of our kids, though, made us realise we wanted a different work/life balance. All of a sudden, London wasn’t the best place to be.

Could we go somewhere else?

“Could we move somewhere else and live off our savings?” we half-jokingly wondered one day, around a year ago.

Long conversations followed. However, these were similar to the ones like “what would you do if you won the lottery”, where one just dreams about things. We weren’t ready yet.

Things started to change when, one day, we realised we were approaching 20 years of work. 20 years! That felt like a very long time. And would we want to do another 20?

We all have two lives. The second begins when we realise we only have one.

– Confucius –

It’s how, not if.

After that realisation, the question in our minds changed. We dropped the “Could we move somewhere else and live off our savings?”, and we replaced it with “How can we move somewhere else and live off our savings?”. That little change was a huge turning point.

Our conversations became more focused, and we started following them up with real actions: we shortlisted locations to move to. We booked flights to go check those cities. We contacted local schools our children could attend, and visited them. We estimated how much it would cost to live there and how much we could (safely) withdraw from our savings, and so on.

A lot of research is going into our early retirement project. We are avidly reading blogs written by other people who have done this before us to grab ideas and check whether our expectations match what they have experienced.

As we are finding this very useful, we have decided to create a blog of our own to document our journey and share what we have learned. If only one person finds this helpful, it will be a success!

A note on privacy

When setting up this blog, we debated how much to disclose about ourselves and/or our finances. We thought – also based on our experience – that someone thinking about retiring early would be more interested in an accurate and open view about our financial choices, costs and wealth, rather than in our names or who we are. So we decided to go anonymous, and share everything else.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you will enjoy our blog!

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